In this article, we will tell you how to download and install Soula WhatsApp apk latest version on your Android device. I will also tell you the features of this mod apk for WhatsApp. Those of you who don’t know about Soula WhatsApp let me explain it to you.

Soula WhatsApp for Soula WhatsApp is basically a modified version of WhatsApp with tons of features that are not available in the official WhatsApp on Playstore.

Description of Soula WhatsApp:

Download Soula WhatsAppp APK to your Android phone from below now.

It is the best modification app for Android devices with more amazing features than original messenger app. In this app you can hide the blue tick, online status and ability to download stories. You can also choose from thousands of amazing themes in multiple colors or customize your own.

Given below are more features of latest Soula WhatsAppp app,

Features of Soula WhatsAppp APK:

  • anti-ban
  • Hide the writing tick and the second tick at the same time
  • Hide last seen option for each contact
  • After recording voice, hide the recording status of groups and contacts
  • Make HD video and audio calls
  • It can install different themes
  • Increase video limit for status
  • Can change launcher icon
  • it has a quick share feature
  • Get notified if there is a new update version
  • Require

Operating system: Android 4.0.3
How to Download and Install Soula WhatsAppp Latest Version for Android

Since you have to download and install it from outside the Google Play Store, you’ll have to make some changes to your settings. Let’s learn how to easily download Soula WhatsApp and install this messaging app on your Android smartphone.

First, you need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in your phone’s settings.
Next, download the Soula WhatsAppp APK from your Android device below.
Once fully downloaded, open the file from the notification shade.
After completing the installation process, you can launch this communication app from the home bar of your device.

What are the advantages of Soula WhatsAppp APK:

  • Instant messaging and chat applications. You can exchange text messages, video and audio calls smoothly, share video, audio, images, PDF, MS Word and Excel files, etc.
  • Keep most of the original WhatsApp UI and functionality
  • Changed and improved version by adding several exciting extra features
  • Run both the modified app and the official app on the same device without any difficulty
  • Hide your blue tick to hide your last seen and online status from your friends. Also, you can hide your profile picture. So no one will see your real profile.
  • Ability to download stories
  • Free customization. No charge
  • More themes, fonts and wallpapers than WhatsApp, i.e. now, it offers more than 700 themes to use. You can customize official WhatsApp with various different colors, fonts and themes
  • There is an anti-ban option to protect apps from bans
  • Soula WhatsAppp MOD APK supports 4 accounts at a time. Thus, you can open accounts for different purposes, such as business, personal or confidential communication

What is the difference between WhatsApp and Soula WhatsAppp

WhatsApp and Soula WhatsAppp new version has some similarities and differences in features and functions. Today, at the time of writing, some differences and modifications are shown to give a brief look at the application.

Accounts work: soual WhatsApp APK supports 4 accounts at the same time, while the original version allows only one account. If you want to install and run multiple accounts, you will face difficulties. So you get convenience considering running more accounts.

Customization and Modification Options: It is a third-party unofficial application. You find it embellishes and customizes the mood. It helps to identify more new features and functionalities such as themes, fonts, emoticons, emoticons and smileys, etc. It improves your user experience. You can edit the appearance and settings according to your needs. However, the main version does not allow you to modify and customize. Everything is fixed. You just use it by changing something fixed.

File Sharing: Soula WhatsAppp official app gives you the opportunity to share large files. Whether video, image or audio, up to 50 MB. Whereas the original application does not allow more than 16 MB to be sent at the same time. So mod apps are very useful in this regard.

Experience: This modified version gives you a great user experience by offering a set of new functions and features not available in the original WhatsApp.

Is Soula WhatsApp safe?

Many people do not consider it safe to use. Because it is a modified version, the developer of this app can switch the code and steal your personal data. But this Soula WhatsAppp latest version is completely safe for everyone. Even, your personal information will be safe.

This messenger app does not have any threatening malware that can harm your device. It is updated weekly to keep the app clean, fresh and smooth. Also, the building and operation of this mod application follows all international legal procedures. Therefore, this application is a 100% legal and safe social networking site.

Soula WhatsAppp APK download can be done from above or below. So use it without hesitation and doubt.

Is Soula WhatsAppp iOS version available?

The updated version of Soula WhatsAppp is only available for Android users. Currently, it does not have an iOS version. Many websites incorrectly mention that it has an iOS version. That is invalid news or information. So, you don’t pay attention to untrue information.

What should I do if I am banned?

This latest version is completely anti-ban which means you won’t get a ban from WhatsApp mod Teams.

What’s new in this latest version?

  • All bugs fixed.
  • The anti-ban feature system has been improved.
  • Added emoji, settings design, launcher icon, notification icon and changelog.
  • Added Hindi, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian translations, and more.
  • Always try to use the latest Soula WhatsAppp app version if you want to avoid a ban.

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