The latest function of fmwhatsapp group call

When many of us are separated from each other, it’s really great to be able to chat happily with friends and family in group calls, and if we miss a special moment, we must be very upset.

fmwhatsapp group call

As group calls become more and more popular, we have been trying to improve the user experience – of course, fmwhatsapp still attaches importance to the security and privacy of end-to-end encryption.

Today, fmwhatsapp launched a function that can be added even after the group call starts. The call that can be joined reduces the burden of answering at the beginning of the group call, and brings the naturalness and ease of face-to-face conversation to the WhatsApp group call.

Some of the best conversations often happen inadvertently. Now, even if someone in your group doesn’t connect in time when the phone rings, they can still join at any time. You can also leave and rejoin at any time as long as the call is still in progress.

We have also created a call information screen so that you can see who has joined the call and who has been invited but has not joined. Moreover, if you click “ignore”, you can still join later through the call option of fmwhatsapp.

Fmwhatsapp launched a call that can be joined today. I hope you can start to fully experience this new function.

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