TM Whatsapp is a new and amazing 2022 modified version of WhatsApp available for download on Android devices. It offers various features auto-replies, anti-deletion messages, scheduled messages, chat customization, built-in VPN, and many more advanced features.

TM WhatsApp V14.3.2 Download Official Nov 2022

What is TM WhatsApp?

TM Whatsapp by Titus Mukisa is another emerging Whatsapp mod such as Fouad Whatsapp by Fouad Mods, SM Whatsapp Modded, JT Whatsapp by Jimtech and EF Whatsapp Mod. The user interface of this mod is somewhat similar to the other mentioned WhatsApp mods. It was developed by a very well known and most talented developer, Titus Mukisa.

Since WhatsApp is so new on the internet in 2022, but they are not able to meet user needs and provide additional advanced features, that’s why many users prefer to use Whatsapp mods like TM Whatsapp, Fouad Whatsapp, SM Whatsapp, EF Whatsapp, etc. JT Whatsapp and many mods can be found on the internet.

Developers are working hard to provide amazing exclusive features and advanced user experience to meet the needs of users.

How to download TM WhatsApp?

TM Whatsapp update can be downloaded and installed along with the default WhatsApp. The download process confuses users as it requires some steps. For Simple One Click Download for TM Whatsapp, follow the below mentioned steps.

If your phone is low on space, delete the default WhatsApp (optional).

Don’t forget to make a backup if you wish to restore your data on TMWhatsapp.

You can backup from chat settings to cloud storage.

Make sure “Unknown Resource” is enabled in your mobile settings.

Get TMWhatsapp 2022 Apk File from Google.

Press and download it.

TM WhatsApp Features

TMWhatsapp 2022 offers many features that official WhatsApp does not have, including auto-replies, anti-deletion messages, scheduled messages, chat customization, built-in VPN and many more amazing features.

1. Auto Reply – This Mod for Whatsapp has an auto reply feature that allows you to make template text messages to send instant auto messages when you are busy.

2. Hide Chats – You can hide your secret conversations, to enable this feature you need to hide the notification area from settings and messages from the app home screen. This is a great feature for those who want to keep their chats private.

3. Undelete messages – TMWhatsapp provides an ecosystem of undelete messages. If someone deletes a message or story, you can still read and watch them.

4. Customize – You can customize WhatsApp’s theme and home UI according to your choice. TMWhatsapp has multifunctional properties to customize home screen, background, dialogue style, etc.

5. Schedule Messages – You can schedule messages and select specific contacts to send scheduled messages.

6. High Messages – In this WhatsApp Mod, you can upload a status with a duration of 7 minutes, which is crazy. The sending capacity of audio files is 100MB, and the sending capacity of media files including audio and video is about 100MB and 1GB.

7. Built-in VPN – It has built-in VPN to access official WhatsApp servers from banned countries.

and extra features of TM Whatsapp 2022

1. Anti-Revocation Message

2. Hide chat

3. Group Counter Statistics

4. Ability to run multiple Whatsapp accounts

5. Built-in theme store

6. Sleep Mode

7. 7 minute long upload status

8. Text broadcast group

9. Download Status

10. Change the app launcher icon

11. No Ads

12. Airplane Mode

13. Do Not Disturb Mode

14. Three safety locks.

15. Hide double ticks

16. Hide recording tags

How to update TM Whatsapp?

You should download TM Whatsapp 2022 latest version from our website. When we make updated documents available on our website.

Is TM Whatsapp safe?

Yes, TM Whatsapp is the most secure WhatsApp mod on the internet.

Is TM Whatsapp legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal because the developers follow all legal guidelines.

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