Many modded versions of WhatsApp have been adopted by the app world, but do you know what is the best mod version for WhatsApp? It is WA WhatsApp apk and in this article, we will discuss it. This modified version has many different additions compared to the real whatsapp and its amazing functionality has earned it a great respect.

WA WhatsApp Apk Latest Downloads Oct 2022

All those who want more features of WhatsApp and enjoy the uncertainty of new features will find these mod versions very interesting. You can enjoy better time with your loved ones and get closer to them with this WA WhatsApp apk.

This is all about the introduction of WA WhatsApp apk. Now let’s read some of its amazing features below:

Features of WA Whatsapp Apk

View photos and videos of your friends and family with the WA WhatsApp app version. Find out where your loved ones are and surprise them with your presence. You can even live stream on WA whatsapp apk. Let us discuss some other interesting features of WA WhatsApp apk below:

message anyone

You can message anyone through this WA whatsapp apk. You can do this even if you are blocked or someone else doesn’t save your number.

Keep media secrets in the gallery

You can hide media files in your phone’s gallery through this app. You can lock these media files or hide them. Media files won’t be shown to any third parties unless you access them through the lock, so you don’t have to worry about anyone accessing them. In the photo library, these media files have a separate folder and cannot be merged with other files.

Simple to use
This app is simple and WA whatsapp apk is also easy to use. Just click here and here and you can easily explore WA WhatsApp. It can be easily understood within minutes of use, so people of any age can understand this app and use it for their benefit.

Color preview
You can set a preview before actually setting the theme color permanently for WhatsApp. Instead of the standard green and white shades, you can make WhatsApp red, green, or whatever you like. This gives you the freedom to try it out in a demo first and then actually decide if you want to keep the color.

Lots of funny emojis
This app has many funny emojis that you can send via text. You can also choose stickers and GIFs to express your wishes and feelings. There are funny, happy, sad, love, flirt and many other types of emoji in WA whatsapp. It lets you type a word into the emoji finder’s search bar, and it displays results for emojis related to that word you just typed.

great privacy settings
It meets your needs with excellent privacy settings. You can set up a private list of people to view your stories or even WhatsApp Dp. Likewise, you can only block calls from specific contacts while still keeping them as friends on WhatsApp. The app itself is also completely safe to use, so you don’t have to worry about WhatsApp stealing your data.

Send any file type
You can send as many files as you like, in any quality you like. It allows you to convert files of different quality and then share with your contacts too. You don’t need an extra file quality converter because WhatsApp provides you with this amazing feature too.

It’s all about WA whatsapp apk functionality. Now let’s discuss the download process:

How to Download and Install WA Whatsapp Apk

Find below simple and short steps for WA whatsapp apk to do the whole process properly.

• There is a “Download WA whatsapp apk” box on this webpage.
• Look for it, when you find it, press it to start downloading the WA whatsapp app version.
• After the download is complete, go to the mobile device’s Settings menu >> Security Settings.
• Select “Allow access to unknown sources” or give WA whatsapp version access.
• Find the WA whatsapp file in your downloads folder and open it.
• Press when the install WA whatsapp app version button pops up.
• Congratulations! It has been downloaded!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of WA whatsapp apk?
The latest version of WA whatsapp apk is v9.27.

How to text someone after Whatsapp is blocked?
You can text anyone even if you are blocked using WA whatsapp apk. You can download it for free from the link in this article.

Is WA whatsapp apk safe to use?

Yes, WA whatsapp apk is safe to download and use.

In conclusion

WA whatsapp app version is very popular for its amazing privacy and hidden settings. You can easily view, download and share the status of people and their media files, as well as many other interesting features.

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