WhatsApp offers many handy and useful features that work together smoothly and make for a seamless user experience. With each update, WhatsApp keeps adding these features to maintain its status as the most popular instant messenger in the world.

WA WhatsApp APK V24.62 Download Official Oct 2022

While WhatsApp meets all the criteria that make it an ideal IM, there are features that users keep asking for, but we never see them integrated into the app. For those who want these extra features, there is a modified (or modified) WhatsApp app called WA WhatsApp. In this article, we’ll explain what WA WhatsApp is, how to use it on any Android phone, and whether it’s safe to use it.

What is WA WhatsApp?

WA WhatsApp, like GB WhatsApp, is a clone of WhatsApp Messenger that builds on the original app and adds interesting new features to it. Such cloned versions are also known as modified applications. Since it’s not an official app, the app is not available in the Google Play store and can only be downloaded from third-party app stores. Below are some of the features that WA WhatsApp offers.

Increase the file size limit: For most people, one of the main drawbacks of WhatsApp is the inability to send files larger than 16MB. – With WA WhatsApp, you can send files up to 100MB, which is a nice improvement over WhatsApp’s 16MB limit.

Hide your online and typing status: WA WhatsApp lets you hide your online status, typing status and recording status, giving you full control over your privacy.

Message Scheduling: With WA WhatsApp, you can schedule messages in advance and choose when to send them.

Do Not Disturb: If you don’t want to be disturbed by text messages while browsing your phone, you can set it to Do Not Disturb, which will cut off internet access to apps.

Read Deleted Messages: Can’t read a message because it was deleted before you saw it?

Increase character limit for status updates: Set any status you want, increase the character limit.

Status Download: Download pictures and videos posted by others as status with one click.

Send high-resolution images. WA Clone will not shrink the images you send to your contacts. You can also hide certain contact media in your phone gallery and access a vast collection of themes, emojis and stickers.

Is WA WhatsApp safe to use?

WhatsApp has a strict policy of banning users from their app if they are found to be using any modified clones. Your messages are not end-to-end encrypted on the modified app, and your personal data is always at risk of being compromised.

On top of that, the app also pushes adware. As a general rule of thumb, if an app is not listed on the Google Play Store, it should not be downloaded. However, if you still want to use this app, you can follow the instructions listed below.

How to download WA WhatsApp?

Step 1: Find the latest version of the file on this site.

Step 2: Click to download the apk.

Step 3: Before you install the apk, your phone will warn you that the security certificate has expired. Continue with the installation process.

Step 4: After installation, log in to WA WhatsApp with your phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WA WhatsApp a different application than WhatsApp?
WA WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp mod, built on the original application code. After installing WA WhatsApp, you will be able to access your contacts.

Is it safe to use WA WhatsApp?

No, using WA WhatsApp is not safe as it gets rid of end-to-end encryption and your personal data is always at risk of security breaches.

Will I get banned from WhatsApp for using WA WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has issued temporary and permanent bans to users for using the revamped app. While it’s not a sure thing, if WhatsApp finds out that you’re using a modified app, you could be banned.

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