I. Advantages of OG Whatsapp

1、A huge user base

According to the data of relevant data system, the number of OG Whatsapp users has reached 700 million in more than one year of marketing. There is no doubt that OG Whatsapp has become the most popular online chatting tool at present, and the space for development is still very broad.

2、The coverage of audience groups

Fouad WhatsApp is the most popular

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, OG Whatsapp has gradually become popular from the high-income group. A few years later, OG Whatsapp has become the dominant smartphone software market in China.

3、The emergence of future mobile advantages

Compared with the PC terminal, the future smartphone can not only have any function that the PC terminal has, but also can be easily carried. With the mobile terminal, OG Whatsapp natural social network and geographic location advantages, it will bring great convenience to merchants’ marketing.

4、More interactive information exchange

OG Whatsapp has a strong interactive timeliness, no matter where you are, as long as you bring your cell phone, you can easily have good interaction with your future customers.

5、Be able to get a more real customer base.

There are too many irrelevant fans in the blog, which doesn’t really bring you a few customers. However, OG Whatsapp users must be real, private and valuable.

Second, the characteristics of OG Whatsapp marketing

1、Peer-to-peer accurate marketing

OG Whatsapp has a huge user base. With the advantages of mobile terminals, days of social networks and location positioning, every piece of information can be pushed, so that every individual has the opportunity to receive this information, thus helping enterprises to achieve point-to-point accurate marketing.

2、Flexible and diversified forms

Drift bottle: Users can publish voice or text and then put it into the sea, and if other users “catch” it, they can start a dialogue.

Location signature: Businesses can use the “user signature file” as a free advertising space to advertise themselves, and nearby OG Whatsapp users will be able to see the business information.

QR code: Users can scan and identify QR code identity to add friends and follow enterprise accounts; enterprises can set their own brand QR code to attract users’ attention with discounts and offers and develop O2O marketing mode.

Open Platform: Through open platform, application developers can access third-party applications and also put the application’s LOGO into the OG Whatsapp attachment bar, so that users can conveniently call third-party applications for content selection and sharing in a session.

Public platform: On the OG Whatsapp public platform, everyone can use a QQ number to create their own OG Whatsapp public account and achieve all-round communication and interaction with specific groups on the OG Whatsapp platform with text, pictures and voice.

3、Opportunity of strong relationship

The peer-to-peer product form of OG Whatsapp determines that can develop ordinary relationships into strong ones through interaction, thus generating greater value. Establish a connection with users in the form of interaction. Interaction means chatting, answering questions, telling stories, and even being “cute”. In any format, companies and consumers can form friendships. You won’t trust a stranger, but you will trust your “friend”.

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