This is a mod that can help you personalize your APK. The latest version of YoYo WhatsApp  comes with calling, texting, video calling, sharing files and more. Yo WhatsApp  is a mod that allows you to customize the app to your liking.

What is Yo WhatsApp Downloader?

Yo WhatsApp  unveils new features, including personal mute options and better privacy controls

Yo WhatsApp  has been busy rolling out a bunch of features to make it more suitable for casual users and professionals. On Friday, the head of Yo WhatsApp , Will Cathcart, posted a tweet giving us a look at the latest features being rolled out to the app, including the ability to mute certain users during group calls.

Some new features for group calls on @Yo WhatsApp : you can now mute or message specific people during a call (if someone forgets to mute themselves, great!), we’ve added a helpful indicator , so you can more easily see when more people join the big call.

Muting certain users during a group call is an important tool to encourage clearer verbal communication among participants. Zoom and Teams already have such a feature, although it’s only available to those hosting conference calls. They have the option to mute individuals, but managing group calls can sometimes be challenging for hosts, leading to horrific meetings with multiple people talking at the same time. It’s not something anyone wants to experience every time they join a call, so this new feature for Yo WhatsApp  is a lifesaver.

In images shared by Yo WhatsApp  leaders, users will be able to access this feature through mute settings dedicated to each participant in the call. With this, you can select individuals you only want to mute, which is helpful when other speakers forget to mute. It’s also a handy option when you’re on the same phone as someone nearby, preventing annoying voice echo effects in those moments.

What is Yo WhatsApp Downloader?

In addition to the mute settings for each participant, there is an option to send them a message. This will give you easy access to specific users participating in a group call and is helpful when you need to quickly check something with a colleague. When someone newly joins a group call, a new instruction banner will highlight them, subtly announcing their arrival.

To further protect your online privacy, we’re rolling out new options for your privacy controls. You can now choose from your contacts list who can see your profile photo, bio, and last viewed status.

Yo WhatsApp  also rolled out other features last week that focus on privacy controls for users, who can set they only want to see their profile photo, about and who saw their status last. This is a useful feature for everyone who uses Yo WhatsApp , especially those who have personal and professional connections within the platform.

Yo WhatsApp  beta for Windows now lets you pause and resume voice notes

Yo WhatsApp  beta for Windows 11 and 10 is based on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The app is still in beta, but it has some solid features and works well. Recently, the beta version of Yo WhatsApp  for Windows gained some useful features, including sending voice notes and the ability to pause and resume voice notes.

Pausing and resuming voice notes is an essential feature because it allows you to preview voice notes before sending them. So if you don’t like your recording, you can delete it and re-record it. This feature is already available to Yo WhatsApp  users on Android, iOS and the web. Now, after installing the latest update, Windows 10 and 11 users can also listen to recordings before sending them.

Recently, Yo WhatsApp  has introduced some important privacy features, including the ability to mute certain users during group calls, allowing users to choose from your contacts list to see your profile photo, last seen status and about people. These features are available to users across multiple platforms. Hopefully, the Meta-owned chat messenger will continue to add these valuable features in the coming days.

As for what features Yo WhatsApp  is currently working on, a status reply indicator, 32-person audio calls, the ability to see status updates in the chat list, and the ability to use a single Yo WhatsApp  account on multiple devices, the new Business Order Shortcuts user is it Some features that will be introduced in the future. All of these features are also expected to be available to Windows users.

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