Recently, I received a lot of questions from friends, and most of them are the same question: “WhatsApp can’t verify the mobile phone number, that is, the mobile phone can’t receive the 6-digit SMS verification code, what can I do?”

Why does this happen

First, we need to know how to use WhatsApp correctly.

Since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, daily text messaging can be used normally, but once it involves the sending and receiving of pictures and videos, it must be used after “going out” through the cross-border sea line.

This means that if you want to register and open a WhatsApp account, the mobile phone network environment is very important. If your cross-border sea route is unstable, then the probability is that you will fail, and even be blocked after many attempts.

So the first step to open WhatsApp is to set up cross-border sea routes, and then open WhatsApp for registration and opening.

Now that we understand the basic conditions, let’s see why we can’t receive the verification code

  • It is not used through cross-border sea routes
  • Interception of mobile phone’s own firewall
  • The second activation of the mobile phone number after not using WhatsApp for a long time
  • The mobile phone number has entered the blacklist of the system
  • Mobile numbers are transferred back and forth between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business

Find the reason, then how to solve it

Due to different reasons, there are many schemes for reference, which have been tested and effective at present. It is necessary to use cross-border sea routes, and the overall situation is better:

Solution 1: temporarily close the SMS interception and phone interception firewall of mobile phones;

Solution 2: when resending SMS, you can choose to switch voice verification;

Solution 3: uninstall WhatsApp, turn off the mobile phone, wait for 30s-1 minutes, turn it on, and go to the official website of WhatsApp to download the latest version;

Solution 4: contact the customer service on the official website and try to explain the reason. As long as your number is not blocked, you can probably get it back, because many WhatsApp group sending software on the market will reduce the right of your account. Although it is only used for receiving, the system judges that your number is associated with the group control software;

Solution 5: Download WhatsApp business to replace WhatsApp. You can also download it on the official website. The system will determine that the number weight of WhatsApp business is better and trustworthy.


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