WhatsApp Indigo for Android is a mod for the popular chat and instant messaging application with which we can add new functions and features to the original client.

WhatsApp mods have become very popular and contain features that the messaging app thought it couldn’t deliver at the same speed as its users demanded. That’s why many consider it an interesting tool to customize this chat app.

Hidden between whatsapp plus, yowhatsapp or ogwhhatsapp, we can find this WhatsApp Indigo which offers us similar functionality to other mods but with a personal touch based on the indigo color. Anyway, even if it’s similar, let’s take a look at what it does:

Developed on WhatsApp Messenger apk

The app can be customized with your mother theme.

More emoji options.

Items like icons or speech bubbles adapt to Indigo mode.

More possibilities when it comes to managing our privacy is being able to freeze the most famous times in our chats. ul>

The only very important downside about this site is that even if you’ve downloaded your apk and tried to install it, you should be able to do a lot as it hasn’t been updated for a long time and its update system is obviously the original WhatsApp system , will force you to update to a newer version of the app.

WhatsApp Indigo Download Latest Version Sep 2022

What is WhatsApp Indigo?

One of the reasons why WhatsApp has so many users is that it has multiple functions. But it turns out that many users still feel that the functions on the original WA are still unavailable. So, they decided to use the WhatsApp mod app instead.

WhatsApp itself is such a modified WhatsApp app with many features that the original WA didn’t have. Well, among the many WA mods available, WhatsApp Indigo is one of the most used.

As mentioned before, if WhatsApp Indigo is one of the mods for existing WhatsApp app. WA Indigo is here as an answer to WhatsApp users who complained about the limited functionality of the original WhatsApp.

WA Indigo has a different look than the original app. Even the appearance is different from other WA mod variants. This is why many WA users prefer WA Indigo over other mod versions.

Apart from the looks, the developers didn’t rule out these features either. Features in WA Indigo have also been optimized. So you will definitely not be disappointed when using this WhatsApp mod.

Features of WhatsApp Indigo

Speaking of features, of course WA Indigo offers many of the same interesting features as other WA mods. So what features does this WA Indigo app offer? Below is a brief description of the features of WA Indigo.

1. Unique themes and many choices of themes

In original WhatsApp, you can only choose one of the two themes offered, original (green) or dark (dark mode). Surely using WhatsApp a lot will quickly tire you of seeing the same look?

Therefore, this Indigo WA is encapsulated with a more attractive interface than the original application. Not only that, but the screen is decorated with a variety of themes that you can choose according to your preferences.

2. Automatic reply function

This WA mod is highly recommended for those who use WhatsApp as a way to run their business. The reason is that this mode is already equipped with a very useful auto-reply feature.

With this feature, you no longer need to bother sending each buyer a one-by-one reply message. To use this auto-reply feature, you will of course need to format your message first.

3. Maintain the quality of the files you send

One of the reasons for the large number of WA users is the file sending function. However, native WA limits file transfers. This means that the quality of every file sent over WA is degraded, be it photos or videos.

If you’re using the WA Indigo mod, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. This is because the app allows to send files as images and videos without loss of quality. You can even send files up to 1GB using WA Indigo.

4. Bigger videos and longer story times

The original WhatsApp also imposed restrictions on stories. For video stories, you can only upload videos up to 1 minute in length. This also applies to a very limited number of stories in text form.

If you want to create a longer duration video story, WA Indigo allows you to upload videos up to 7 minutes long. For text, you can create states of up to 256 characters.

5. Better Privacy

Privacy is an aspect that WhatsApp users demand. Well, WA Indigo has many privacy features. This feature will help you in different ways such as unnoticed viewing other people’s stories, removing blue ticks, internet status.

Not only that, but there are features to turn off the call button, hide status while typing, and block certain contacts from calling your WA number.

6. Customize display, interface and screen design according to user taste

It seems that the developers care a lot about the appearance of WA Indigo in order to make its users comfortable. This is evidenced by the existence of features that can be used to tweak the appearance of an application to really fit the functionality the user wants.

Users of this WA mod app can adjust the appearance by changing the font shape, font size, chat bubbles, title tags, and more. If you get bored with the current look, it can be easily re-customized.

7. App lock function

Do you feel uncomfortable when your friends unlock their phones? Scared to open WhatsApp and see what chats it has? Just use the app lock feature provided by this WA Indigo mode.

App Lock is a WA Indigo feature that can be used to lock apps. The app will be locked later by one of the available methods, password, pattern or PIN. You can use it even if your phone already supports fingerprint access.

8. Against bans and hacking

Anti-Blocking is a must-have feature in any modding application. The reason is that the revised alias application is not official and may be banned from the original application. Not only will the app be banned, but the account used in the app will also be banned.

Fortunately, WA Indigo is equipped with an anti-ban, making it safe to use. But keep in mind that this feature can be very effective if you always update the app regularly.

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