WhatsApp Transparent is another latest WhatsApp, although WhatsApp has enough features, it still suffers from UI slowness, bugs and bugs. These issues are exactly what WhatsApp Transparent hopes to solve. Before diving into the details of WhatsApp Transparent, I invite you to read other apps on Whats Mod APK.

WhatsApp plus reborn APK download v14.23 (official latest)

What is WhatsApp plus reborn​​?

Now, going forward, WhatsApp Transparent uses the latest innovations to give users a better understanding of WhatsApp mods. Application engineers are now busy updating WhatsApp Mods, which is also a handy mod with great features.

Mods or modified APKs are not available in Google Play. They are designed so that you can change the appearance of WhatsApp Messenger. So in addition to making the usual phone calls and texting, you can also enjoy a fun look.

What’s unique about this?

Why download WhatsApp plus reborn? All things considered, WhatsApp Transparent is the latest and mod so it has fewer bugs and bugs than previous mods. It also has a wider list of features than other WhatsApp modules. Also, it has better execution. Before you decide to let it go or download, keep reading about what this mod does so you can make an informed decision.

Installation Guide

Regarding the installation of WhatsApp Transparent, we ask that you take the proper steps so that you can install any APK efficiently.

Phase 1. Enable unknown sources in phone settings
Phase 2. go to download
Phase 3. Click the download button for WhatsApp plus reborn APK

How to update

Many websites provide the latest WhatsApp plus reborn APK; however, most do not give it correctly. Regardless, we will provide regular updates. Get in the habit of checking this page from time to time for updates, all you have to do is click the recent download button.

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Features of WhatsApp plus reborn
How about we talk about features? WhatsApp Transparent has every feature of GBWhatsApp with better execution and ease of use. So here’s a feature rundown for you to check out and test each feature for yourself.

improved execution
Mirror WhatsApp
transparent display
Improved user interface
better protection
Larger scale customization should be possible.
Improved masking functionality
Better Do Not Disturb Mode and Anti-Boycott Framework
Accessible new themes
We can share up to 1Gb of records one after the other.
Larger size recordings can be shared.
Hostile denial messages and status improvements
Download GBPlus Transparent APK
So you’ve come this far, congratulations, because you’re about to download the latest and most amazing mod for WhatsApp. Also, we offer a quick way to download APKs on our site compared to some lucrative sites.

Mobile devices
Improved performance and user interface
In WhatsApp plus reborn, the general execution of the application is improved more than ever. Chatting with friends, sending pictures and recording audio is smoother than ever. Again, the main focus of the “UI” has been improved with a more modern look. WhatsApp plus reborn APK is by far the best mod.

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better privacy features
Protection features are enhanced. In this WhatsApp plus reborn mode we can become more and more private and secure. Includes additional features like “who can call me and freeze last seen person, etc. Features accessible in original WhatsApp disable read receipts, hide profile pictures and messages, prevent contacts from sharing status, and the same Should be possible via WhatsApp Transparent.

Significantly better customization and greater scale
When we’re talking about customization, what should be possible? All things considered, we can customize themes, sticker packs, icons, WhatsApp status, group members on a larger scale because we have tons of new features available. All customizations can be used without bugs and bugs, just like most of the old WhatsApp modules. Use WhatsApp Transparent and enjoy every feature.

Hide your status view
Hidden features are an important part of WhatsApp mods, and each of these features violates the official WhatsApp protections. Therefore, using this component in some cases may result in your account being restricted, even if not blocked. Still, these features are worth taking advantage of. Below is a brief description of such functions.

We can hide the blue tick whether or not we see anyone’s message in the chat.
When using the GBWhatsApp Mod APK, we may hide the second tick for sending messages.
We can hide our online status.
Hide time and date.
Hide the forwarding label when sending any message from someone’s chat.
Better Do Not Disturb Mode and Anti-Ban
It’s more likely that you’ve considered Do Not Disturb mode. This is an incredible element of WhatsApp mods. In WhatsApp Transparent, this component has been changed to not have bugs or bugs. Also, as far as the progress of the WhatsApp Transparent Mod APK is concerned, the anti-ban has also been updated. Unlike many other WhatsApp modules, using this latest module will help you reduce your chances of getting banned.

Mass media sharing
With the help of WhatsApp Transparent, we can share documents at scale. Documents up to 1Gb can be sent at one time. We can share high-quality audio recordings and pictures. Share more pictures at once, making it easier to share any active document.

What is anti-rRevoke?
Anti-Undo is an amazing component of WhatsApp Transparent, with the help of what we can see, we can see everything other people have in chat. In official WhatsApp, we can permanently delete any message from two chats at a specific point in time. So the message completely disappeared. In any case, using the anti-undo function, the deleted messages can still be seen.

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