WhatsApp Prime is another modified version of WhatsApp that provides users with a simple, clean and free messaging service while maintaining its security and reliability. The mod’s developers have added some advanced features that are useful in protecting user privacy. Before moving on to the details of the app, I invite you to visit Whats Mod APK for other mods.

What is WhatsApp Prime?

It is a modified version of WhatsApp that provides customers with a flawless, straightforward, free and secure notification management. The developers include some important highlights that some customers may find important to their protection and security needs.

WhatsApp Prime provides customers with protection on highlights such as choosing who will view their profile photo, status and chat with them. This feature makes it a solid notification app. The developer has also recently added some push options to the app’s updated APK, such as deleting sent messages and hiding web status. WhatsApp Prime Pro is an optional version of Whatsapp Plus.

WhatsApp Prime Android Features

As we’ve checked before, WhatsApp Prime comes with a ton of customization, just like other protection highlights. Some things may not help someone. Still, the worthy app itself has a lot to offer. Here’s a succinct outline of the highlights accessible so far.

Anti-Ban APK

If you’ve used a modified version of Whatsapp, you probably already know the pain of being restricted. Whatsapp authorities have been focusing on modified variants of WhatsApp and they are boycotting customers using external WhatsApp Mod APKs.

Dial an unsaved number

In the standard Whatsapp application, if we need to message any contacts, or if we need to make any calls and discussions, we need to keep their numbers. This process of saving the contact number to our phone can be disposed of and we can legally make calls without keeping that specific number. This component of WhatsApp Prime Pro is handy when we need to make quick calls and we don’t want to save any unwanted numbers on our phone.

Prebuilt message scheduler

This component was recently added to WhatsApp Prime Pro and customers love it. We need to message someone, welcome at a certain time; however, in some cases we neglect to start visiting them. To solve this problem, the designers include pre-made message schedulers that communicate specific things naturally at specific times.

Set group name up to 35 characters

Whatsapp is largely known for its party talk. We like to visit in groups most when each of our companions is around and the discussions never stop for quite some time. Anyway, regarding the name of the party name set in WhatsApp, the official variant limits our imagination to 25 characters in particular. With the latest adaptation, you’ll get more than a dozen characters. Keep your party name crazy, whatever you need, up to 35 characters.

Send up to 90 images at a time

An important part of WhatsApp Prime Pro, sometimes, we have to seriously send someone a lot of pictures. But the limitation of the first form is that there are 10 photos one by one, and each time you pick ten photos and send them again, it is also a cumbersome experience. I had an experience where I needed to send someone 50 pictures, but WhatsApp limited me to send 10 pictures one by one.

Added characters for written status

In a formal structure, you can only investigate 130 characters in the formed state. Nonetheless, the latest WhatsApp Prime Pro tweak gives you up to 250 words. It becomes advantageous when we have to put long articulations or formative states, and the size is too large.

In conclusion

WhatsApp Prime Pro APK is a great app that will give you many vibrant and extra highlights you need for your first Whatsapp. However, although not the first form, it is clearly superior to the official form, providing customers with unlimited open highlights and extraordinary encounters.

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