WhatsApp as everyone knows WhatsApp APK Download is one of the biggest platforms for chatting and sharing pictures, videos, live location and many other exciting things. WhatsApp Transparent APK is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by GBPlus developers. It has been developing these modified versions over the years that have given people better functionality than the original WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Transparent APK V21.44 Download Official Oct 2022

Previous modded versions were full of these exciting features, but some users complained about various bugs and viruses in these versions. This is WhatsApp Transparent APK Download the latest version of GBPlus APK in which we did our best to reduce errors and viruses as much as possible and it also has anti-ban features.

What’s so special about WhatsApp Transparent APK?

The question arises what is so special about WhatsApp Transparent APK download and why should I download this app on my phone? The answer is simple, this modified version of WhatsApp mod allows you to do all kinds of things on your phone that the normal version doesn’t allow you to do. Also, this newer version with special features and no viruses and bugs. And the performance is so perfect, why don’t we install this modified version of WhatsApp Transparent APK GB Plus and enjoy these exciting features without slowing down the mobile performance?

WhatsApp Transparent feature

WhatsApp Transparent Apk Download GBPlus has many exciting features that will convince us to download this application on our mobile. These features have been enhanced more than the previous version. It has the following mentioned features:

  • There is a presence of mirror WhatsApp
  • There is a transparent display
  • There are tons of different themes
  • Do not disturb mode activated
  • It has better performance
  • Anti-undo function
  • Customization options for customizing chat and notifications
  • You can send large files with WhatsApp Transparent APK GB Plus
  • Improved privacy options such as hide online status
  • Improved hidden functionality
  • You can choose to send files over 1GB in size
  • Large size videos can be sent to your friends
  • Send audio up to 10o MB with WhatsApp Transparent GB Plus APK

Improved hidden features:

It has features to improve your hidden status, but you should be cautious when using these features as WhatsApp may ban you from using them frequently.

These videos include hide your online status, don’t make a second tick, read messages without the tick turning blue, hide your date and time status nicely, copy and send messages to your friends. You can hide your online status. You can even remove the retweet label on retweeted messages while using this improved version.

· Hide your status view from anyone’s status.
· We can hide the blue tick even if we see anyone’s message in the chat.
Also, we can hide the second tick for passing messages when using GB WhatsApp Mod APK.
· We can hide our online status, our active status like GB WhatsApp.
· Like FMWA, YoW/hatsApp, date and time can be hidden when copying messages.
In WhatsApp Transparent we can hide the forwarding label when forwarding any message in someone’s chat.

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