About the WhatsAppX apk

WhatsAppX app is one of the free apps that users can easily download without any fees or fines, the app is also available for most operating systems, moreover it is different from other apps in that it provides security for users conversations are fully encrypted The functionality of it has been modified by several developers who have added a plethora of features and benefits that entice customers to download these copies.

WhatsAppX apk update September 2022

Download latest version of WhatsAppX update to fight against ban and virus 2022 Today we will talk about WhatsAppX program, latest APK version, Pro version, which is a modified version of original WhatsAppX app, many users switch to new WhatsAppX update, due to in-app Packed with many features, this is the latest update.

How to change the theme?

You can do this by navigating to Settings/Downloads/Themes in the WhatsAppX window. There are many themes available now and more are being added every day. Themes are backward compatible, so you don’t need to update to a new version to use a specific theme.

Can I use the same phone number for my second account?

A- No, you can only log in to one account on one registered device. Since the second account counts as a second device, logging in will log you out on all other devices. Instead, you should use a different phone number for your second WhatsApp account.

Is it safe to update WhatsAppX 2022?

Yes: Downloading WhatsApp is against the ban, WhatsAppX is great, the most beautiful WhatsAppX app we have downloaded on the Android Tech site is safe, you can download updates for all WhatsAppX versions without any worries because they are safe and already Checked by development team Mukhtar Abu Saleh

How to update my WhatsAppX 2022? How to install WhatsAppX on Android?

Download the latest WhatsApp for Android You can update WhatsAppX to the latest version via the link, download the WhatsAppX update and install it directly on your phone.

Features of WhatsAppX Apk:

  • Hidden appears.
  • It also prevents messages from being deleted.
  • Cases can also be downloaded or copied.
  • You can also hide messages.
  • WhatsApp mod against 2023 ban.
  • It also prevents showing that the message has been transmitted.
  • They are high quality and efficient.
  • You can also send scheduled messages.
  • Prevents your viewed status from being displayed.
  • Hide writing for more privacy.
  • Some work has also been done to resolve the issue with the sending site.
  • WhatsAppX 3ssem version is completely free without any financial charges.
  • Download WhatsAppX, the latest update for the ban.
  • Also done updating WhatsAppX 2022 download to version.
  • You can turn off red WhatsApp through its settings.
  • You won’t face any difficulty in downloading red WhatsApp messages 2022 because the blocking of interruptions has already been done.
  • How to update WhatsAppX, download WhatsAppX, latest version with direct download link, download and download new update, WhatsAppX, latest version against ban, WhatsAppX, developed by Abu Arab.
  • Free voice and video calls. All you need is internet.
  • You will also find many other features about downloading WhatsAppX Download WhatsAppX Update WhatsAppX latest version .

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