So if you delete a specific image, you may find it in the internal folder. You need to go to your phone’s internal memory, then click FM WhatsApp , then Media, then FM WhatsApp  Images. You will be able to find all the images you receive on FM WhatsApp in this folder.

FM WhatsApp  increases attachment size to 2GB, adds emoji reactions, larger group calls and more

FM WhatsApp  Messenger already has plans to make some changes to its app. The Facebook-owned service will also introduce a new feature called Communities to help organizations, schools, local clubs, businesses communicate with their members.

Where do deleted FM WhatsApp pictures go?

Communities are essentially private groups that users cannot discover. Admins can invite members to join them, or link to an existing group, or create one from scratch. An important aspect of Communities is that it provides phone number privacy, so other users cannot view your number unless you interact with them directly. FM WhatsApp  has outlined plans for the feature.

Where do deleted FM WhatsApp pictures go?

Increase attachment size limit

FM WhatsApp  has increased the file size limit for attachments to 2GB. Currently, these apps allow users to share media (video, audio, and photos) up to 16MB in size, and documents up to 100MB in size. Naturally, due to these limitations, videos shared through apps are usually SD resolution or worse. As a workaround, people usually select the document sharing option and then select a media file (greater than 16MB) to send to their friends and groups. The increase in the file size limit should prove useful, at least in terms of video quality.

larger group call

Group calls in FM WhatsApp  have an unusual limit, and while you can make calls within a group, it limits participants to the first 7 people who answer the call. If the caller is included, the total number of participants will be 8. FM WhatsApp  says it will support group voice calls of up to 32 participants with end-to-end encryption. TechCrunch shared a screenshot showing the new design of the group calling interface.

Where do deleted FM WhatsApp pictures go?

Emoji reactions to chat

When someone shares some news in the group, everyone joins the comments to express their emotions. Seeing 4 or 5 messages like “nice, good, cool, ok”, the response message is useless. It just adds to the confusion. Well, this is where the emoji response is better, and FM WhatsApp  will support it in chat. Users will be able to choose an emoji to show others how they feel about the message, which is cool.

Admins can delete messages in groups

Some of the biggest problems in social groups are spam, misinformation. Do memes and retweets count? Group admins on FM WhatsApp  Messenger will soon be able to delete unwanted messages from chats that will be removed from the feeds of all users in the group. This helps prevent the spread of fake news and malicious content.

These are good changes, but are they innovative?

 Let’s take a brief look at what the competition is about. Telegram added support for attachments up to 2GB in July 2020, and already supports unlimited participation in group voice calls and video calls with up to 30 members. The instant messaging service introduced emoji reactions in December 2021 and allowed fine-grained control over group admins. The Telegram desktop app is also far ahead in terms of features compared to FM WhatsApp , although the latter has recently improved its app.

So FM WhatsApp  is late to the party, just catching up. There is no estimated time on when the new feature will go live, I’m using the beta version of the app, which still has the old limitations.

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