Browse to your device’s Storage > Fouad WhatsApp > Databases and view the list of available backup files. Just select the latest backup and rename it to “msgstore.

Where is Fouad WhatsApp Backup?

How to use Fouad WhatsApp to be more secure?

The IP address is stable at runtime

The IP used when logging in is different from that when registering, which will cause the IP to become unstable.

High security of registration information

The mobile phone number used for registration has low stability, so try to use some information with a relatively high safety factor and stability factor to register.

The account has just been registered, do not perform frequent operations

As soon as the account is registered, a large number of contacts are added and messages are sent. In many foreign social media software, the system will check that the operation is frequent, and the account will be directly judged as a machine operation.

Do not send bulk messages of an advertising nature

Don’t send lots of links and advertising messages to friends or groups.

Where is Fouad WhatsApp Backup?

How to unblock Fouad WhatsApp account after being banned?

First, clear all the relevant cache data of Fouad WhatsApp and then uninstall it, re-download the latest version of the software, register with the number previously bound, enter the appeal page, describe the problems you have encountered in detail.

Enter the entrance of the common problems, jump to Go to the problem feedback interface, describe your problem in detail and ensure to abide by the rules, send the email to the designated email address, and wait for the result of the appeal. Generally, you will receive a reply in about 24 hours.

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