Fouad WhatsApp is very popular among users because of its unique features. There are many Fouad WhatsApp mods available on the internet, but the best is Fouad WhatsApp.

If you’re worried about how to download and use Fouad WhatsApp on any Android device, let’s take a look at a step-by-step tutorial.

Which is the best Fouad WhatsApp?

Why am I still in the group when I quit the group chat on Fouad WhatsApp?

Haven’t quit yet. Open Fouad WhatsApp, enter the conversation page, select a group chat window to enter the conversation box. Then click the group name at the top to enter the group information page. There is a button to exit the group at the bottom of the information page, click it to exit.

Fouad WhatsApp has a feature to see who has read my group messages. Just press and hold the sent message, then click on the menu to select “info” to see who has seen and who has not seen your message.

Why can’t the web version of Fouad WhatsApp be opened?

Different mobile phones have different setting methods. If it is a mobile phone, are you Android, Apple, or windows phone? You need to set it according to your device to open it.

Which is the best Fouad WhatsApp?

How to set personal avatar in Fouad WhatsApp?

The first step, open “Fouad WhatsApp” and click the settings button, expand the menu list, and select “settings” in the menu list.

The second step, in “settings”, we can see different setting items, we choose “personal profile”. In the profile we see a big avatar and our name. To modify the avatar, you must click the button in the upper right corner.

The third step, after entering, is to modify the personal avatar. Click the modify button at the top, and the user can search for photos through the album or call the camera to take pictures.

Whether you use the photo from the album or take a photo, after selecting it, the software will automatically generate an avatar.

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