GB WhatsApp is a popular modified variant of GB WhatsApp with several extra features that can do better than the basic version of the GB WhatsApp  app. This app has more advanced features like privacy options, improved messaging capabilities, anti-ban, do not disturb mode and more.

Which WhatsApp is GB WhatsApp?

GB WhatsApp  update for Windows 11 adds advanced context menu and more

GB WhatsApp  Beta (UWP) for Windows 11 is getting another major update with support for two new features – React and a full context menu (right-click menu).

As you probably know, GB WhatsApp  Beta (UWP) is based on the modern principles of Windows 11 and also uses WinUI. Unlike the original desktop app, which was essentially a web wrapper, GB WhatsApp  UWP offers a better experience and deeper integration with the operating system.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, first announced a slew of features for the messaging app earlier this year. GB WhatsApp  has recently been updated with emoji reactions, faster file transfer limits, and other improvements on Android. Similar improvements are now making their way to the Windows 11 release.

Today’s update introduces emoji reactions, so you can easily react to messages in a fun and friendly way. This feature is similar to the reactions we already have in the Facebook Messenger app. However, it is currently limited as you can only express yourself with a few emotions.

Which WhatsApp is GB WhatsApp?

For example, you can react to messages with the emojis of thumbs up, heart, laughter, crying, and folded hands in surprise. GB WhatsApp  has confirmed that it plans to expand sentiment and add support for tons of extra skins. These new reactions and tones will be available in future releases.

Thankfully, the emoji reaction feature isn’t the only new addition to the Messages app. Facebook has also improved WhatsApp’s context menu by adding a modern context menu for selecting text in chats.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can now select text and do some basic text formatting. For example, you can convert text to preformatted (allowing you to share code easily), italic, bold, strikethrough, and more.

You can also select text and click options such as Copy, Cut, Paste, Undo, and Select.

There are no official changes yet, but GB WhatsApp  also appears to be able to add up to 512 people. You can get this update now from the Microsoft Store here.

In addition to the aforementioned features, GB WhatsApp  UWP has received several improvements, including support for limited one-time viewing of media sharing, better dark mode support, and more.

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