FM WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by Foud Apps.

What does FMWhatsapp APK mean?

This is the most advanced version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp. It was created through Foud Apps (developer is FoudMakkad). The app adds many options to its app and then introduces the app to the user. The app is not available in the Google Play Store. Google Play Store, but you can download FM WhatsApp here. However, be cautious and install antivirus software before installing the app, as third-party websites may contain malware and viruses.

FMWhatsApp is a great version that lets you block your recent views as well as provide reports, web status, and other interface icons. You’ll be able to take advantage of the flexibility and choice of thousands of themes available in the library.

Why is FMWhatsApp not working?

The main problem with FM WhatsApp is related to it not working properly. Try checking the settings on your device and verify it’s approved in the country you live in. If you find that the app is not accessible on your smartphone, then you should ask your phone manufacturer to approve the app. It is also possible to reset the permissions of the application. If the problem persists, you can contact the phone manufacturer. Try following the steps below to resolve the issue:

The first thing you should check is the connection to the internet. If it is weak or unstable, then the APK of FMWhatsApp will not work. If you are connected to the router, restart the router or reset it to an unreliable connection. Also, make sure your device can store enough data (at least 500MB to 1GB).

What is FMWhatsApp about?

To sum up, FM WhatsApp is a modification of the original or official version of WhatsApp, that is, taking the original product and developing a similar product, but with improvements. While the official WhatsApp is very good, stable and easy to access, the FMWhastApp APK offers much more. If we have to decide between different application options, we always make the best decision, and mods are probably the most popular before the official application.

Privacy Features of FM WhatsApp

freeze last scene

This feature is for when we don’t want other people to know the last time we intervened in WhatsApp, the original version allows to disable “Last”, but it also disables the ability to see when was the last time Other user.

In FM WhatsApp mod we can freeze our last time but keep looking at other people’s data, so we keep up to date with such data, but with the option to keep the privacy of the hour or date of the last visit or interaction on the social network.

Enabling the feature is very simple, you just have to go to the three dots in the upper right corner of FMWhatsApp, then we click on Mods, continue to protect privacy, and finally click on the Freeze Last Seen option.

Hide your status on FM WhatsApp

This is a very useful feature for those who want to see other users’ stories or statuses and remain anonymous, which is not possible in the official version, and those interested will have to resort to an additional or third account, the fact is that it is not necessary to use FMWhatsApp.

By keeping your status view anonymous, others will not receive any viewing notifications and your access will remain private.

blue answer marker

Sometimes we’re really busy or don’t have time to reply to WhatsApp messages, even though we’d love to know what it’s about. The official version has the ability to mark the messages they send us as unread, we don’t want or can’t reply, but we have to go through a series of steps to complete the process.

In the FM WhatsApp app, when we decide to reply to a message, a blue read mark is displayed to avoid misunderstandings with our contacts. If we wanted to delay the conversation and our friends were online, we could see the message and they wouldn’t know, it could work.

You can hide “delivered” and BlueTick

As in the previous function, in this function, a message can be sent and the sender will not know if it has been delivered or even reviewed, as it can be configured to mark only one line or check without marking both, it also refers to is the tinting to prevent the typical blue of the usual version. Interestingly, though, as a user, you can receive and read all the messages you want and no one will ever know.

Hide written text and recorded text

In order to continue to use features that promote the maintenance of true privacy, this feature allows other online users to not see if you are online, writing or recording audio, just like in the official version.

We can be online for hours, talk to any contact and other users won’t perceive it in any way, for me this is one of the best features available in this APK.

Can send messages to numbers not saved in your contacts list

Incredibly, we can send WhatsApp messages to people or numbers that are not in our contact list. To do the shipment we just go to the three dots we choose in the upper right corner: “Send a message to a number”, we enter the number and send the message.

Likewise, it works for audio messages and video calls, very useful when they are sporadic messages or when we know it will only appear once, avoiding saturating the contact list or entering new lists that are useless or unnecessary.

You can disable the “Forward” label in messages

I especially find it great that we will no longer see a label indicating forwarded when we forward a message to a person or group of contacts. It’s annoying and it can cause anger or even distrust from those who get the message with the tag. To activate it, you have to go to the privacy features, then go to activate the forwarding message tab.

Select the contact you want to receive the call from

Thanks to this wonderful feature, we can choose which calls we want to receive or who can call us, avoiding calls from unwanted contacts. If we want to receive calls through a normal cell phone line, we can avoid using WhatsApp for incoming calls.


Can you imagine seeing other people’s stories even after they’ve been deleted? With FM WhatsApp you can. Users put temporary statuses and stories or tend to change them periodically, once they change or delete them, others can no longer view them, however, FM WhatsApp allows this.

For many, this might not be very important, but for those who know their contacts have changed, it’s useful when you haven’t been able to learn about a publication for a while and want to catch up. Another fun fact is that other people won’t know you’re viewing their story either.

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