If your phone’s storage space is low, you may not be able to access some features. To make sure this isn’t the reason for GB WhatsApp keeps stopping, go to Settings > Storage to check your phone storage. If you have less than 1GB of free storage space, we recommend that you free up storage space.

Why does GB WhatsApp keep stopping?

What are the reasons for GB WhatsApp crash? Common repair methods for GB WhatsApp crash

In the process of using GB WhatsApp, I believe that many people have encountered flashbacks, especially Android phone users. Among them, the application crash of Android phones is the longest occurrence, and this problem is also confusing to many people. So what are the common reasons for this? Let’s take a look at the reasons for the crash of this mobile phone application and the common ways to fix it.

GB WhatsApp crashes cause 1. Too much garbage in the cache

Due to the characteristics of the Android system, if the junk files are not cleaned up for a long time, the mobile phone will become more and more stuck in use, and there will also be a flashback.

2. Enter Settings – Application Management – All, find the application in the situation, and clear the data and cache (Note: Clearing the data will clear the application’s personal settings, account information, etc.).

Reason 2 for GB WhatsApp flashback: Insufficient memory

Insufficient memory is an important reason for many programs to crash.

Flashback repair method:

Regularly clean background programs

Three reasons for GB WhatsApp crash

Because of the relatively simple review of Android and many third-party software, it is easy to implant various virus codes,

GB WhatsApp crash repair method:

It is recommended to download the program from a regular store.

GB WhatsApp crashes cause 4. There is a problem with the application version

This is more of a problem with the application itself. Too new or too old will be incompatible with the current system.

Why does GB WhatsApp keep stopping?

GB WhatsApp crash repair method:

You can find the appropriate software version according to the system version.

GB WhatsApp crash reasons 5. Network problems

Some software requires a stable network, using a 2G/3G network, which is more likely to cause a crash.

GB WhatsApp crash repair method:

It is recommended to use some large-scale game software in a WIFI environment, and it can also be upgraded to a 4G network.

GB WhatsApp crash reasons 6. Lack of data packets

This problem mostly occurs in game applications, and users who like to play games should pay attention.

GB WhatsApp crash repair method:

Install the data package before using it.

GB WhatsApp crash reasons 7. System incompatibility

The update speed of the Android system is very fast. At present, it is recommended to stay at Android 4.4 if you want to be stable.

GB WhatsApp crash repair method:

You can update and upgrade the mobile phone system version.

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