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4 Ways to Display Contact Names on Fouad WhatsApp

Will Fouad WhatsApp tell you when someone takes a screenshot?

How to show contact name on Fouad WhatsApp?

This is actually easy. You can refer to this method so that other users’ contact names appear on the screen while you are chatting.

The reason a name doesn’t appear is usually because the number isn’t already saved in Contacts. It’s also possible that your contacts list wasn’t fully updated or a new app was installed because you recently changed your account.

To fix this, you can display contact names on Fouad WhatsApp in the following ways.

1. Make sure the number is saved

If the sender name of the message on your Fouad WhatsApp has not been read after granting access to contacts, you have not saved the user’s number in your contacts list. To do this, you need to save it first. There are two ways to do it, save from phone contacts and via Fouad WhatsApp.

2. Refresh Fouad WhatsApp contacts

Fouad WhatsApp provides a contact refresh feature that can be used if you encounter problems with your Fouad WhatsApp contact list.

Will Fouad WhatsApp tell you when someone takes a screenshot?

The refresh function is as follows:

1. Open Fouad WhatsApp on your phone

2. Click the new chat icon at the bottom right of the screen

3. In the upper right corner of the window, click the three-dot icon

4. Select “Refresh” or “Update” to refresh the contact list.

3. Allow Fouad WhatsApp to access phone contacts

1. Go to settings on your phone

2. Click on the “Applications” section

3. Choose Fouad WhatsApp

4. Select the “Permissions” section

5. Enable access to contacts under Contacts

6. Fouad WhatsApp will start reading the name of the sender of the message in your app based on the contact list.

4. Resync Fouad WhatsApp Contacts

Fouad WhatsApp contact names not appearing can also be caused by sync issues, you can try to resync Fouad WhatsApp with your phone contacts.

1. Open “Settings” on your phone

2. Select the “Users and Accounts” or “Users and Accounts” option

3. Choose Fouad WhatsApp

4. Then activate the checkmark to sync Fouad WhatsApp with your phone contacts.

The above 4 methods are the methods to display the contact name on Fouad WhatsApp, if there is a problem of not displaying it. You can refer to the relevant methods to perform the corresponding operations.

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