GB WhatsApp users of Facebook can see deleted conversations with the help of GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is a customized mod version of the original GB WhatsApp. This application was not found in the Google Play Store.

How GB WhatsApp’s updated privacy agreement affects us

Will GB WhatsApp show deleted messages?

On January 6, 2021, GB WhatsApp announced an update to its terms of service and privacy agreement, with an in-app notification.

In its pop-up in-app notification, there are mainly three points

■ GB WhatsApp services and how users’ data is used

■ Facebook business users can use and manage their GB WhatsApp messages

■ GB WhatsApp will partner with Facebook and offer integration across Facebook’s products

And it requires a choice by February 8, otherwise it will not be able to use the GB WhatsApp service.

What impact does GB WhatsApp’s privacy policy update have on us? As soon as the notification came out, it immediately caused an uproar. The general concern was that Facebook would monitor users’ chats and target them with advertisements based on the content of the chats.

How GB WhatsApp’s updated privacy agreement affects us

Elon Musk is calling on everyone to turn to Signal on Twitter

How GB WhatsApp’s updated privacy agreement affects us

 And most people don’t have the time and energy to study the details of the terms.

The updated terms of service sparked a wave of social migration, which led to Telegram and Signal being the top three apps in the world in terms of downloads in January.

Will GB WhatsApp show deleted messages?

How GB WhatsApp‘s updated privacy protocol affects us?

Concerns about users and questions from the media — even the Indian government has asked GB WhatsApp to explain the data security of its users in India.

GB WhatsApp has responded a lot in the way it tweets, blogs, and even pinned it to the top of users’ GB WhatsApp Status.

To reiterate that its peer-to-peer encryption has never changed, and users’ chat information cannot be monitored by GB WhatsApp, let alone by Facebook and other third parties.

The mobile phone number and the user’s address book will not be leaked.

GB WhatsApp does not collect and save users’ chat information on servers and does not share user data with Facebook and other third parties.

In fact, this service terms change, the main part is the GB WhatsApp user and business chat part

To be precise, only companies that use Google cloud storage and iCloud cloud storage can use Facebook’s technical solutions to communicate with GB WhatsApp users and use their chat content.

This is followed by a more detailed elaboration of the information collected.

Such as device and connection information, location information.

In fact, it has already collected this information, but this time it is more clear in the terms.

How GB WhatsApp’s updated privacy agreement affects us

 Going a step further, GB WhatsApp elaborated on the use cases for new products and services in partnership with Facebook.

How GB WhatsApp’s updated privacy agreement affects us

In the latest top GB WhatsApp tweet, GB WhatsApp reiterated four points:

■ We will always and forever be committed to your privacy

■ No one can view your chats with family and friends, including GB WhatsApp

■ This update provides more information about our data practices and messaging on GB WhatsApp between businesses and their customers

■ Our new terms have been delayed until May 15th, so you have plenty of time to find out more details

This event can be regarded as a major event in the history of GB WhatsApp.

The inspiration for all of us through this event is:

First, always be in awe of users

The implementation of a new policy needs to be fully understood and discussed by everyone, and it is not arrogant to let everyone make a choice.

GB WhatsApp has 2 billion monthly active users. People choose GB WhatsApp because of your privacy protection and ease of use.

But water can carry a boat and capsize it. Although it is difficult for everyone to abandon you, over time, the power of trends will damage the foundation of GB WhatsApp.

Second, the integration of GB WhatsApp and Facebook is accelerating, and the trend is beginning to accelerate in 2020.

Technically, GB WhatsApp has begun to use some of Facebook’s infrastructure and service framework.

From the product point of view, GB WhatsApp has launched product cabinets and shopping carts, opened up payments in India and Brazil, and users can have direct GB WhatsApp conversations with merchants on their Facebook pages.

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