YC WhatsApp video calling is finally in almost every smartphone. Whatsapp video call activation seems to be available randomly now. WhatsApp users need to update to 2.12.5 (or later) or the latest beta version (people report success with certain buildings in WhatsApp video calls).

YC WhatsApp Free Video Call latest version download

If the person on the other end doesn’t have a video call active, they’ll only get a voice call. However, you can still see the video call in the UI. The call log shows up as a video call, but pressing the video button just shows an error message. Whatsapp video calling feature will be activated automatically after updating the app. Both callers and recipients must be updated to the latest version to use the video calling feature.

YC WhatsApp video calling allows users to call other WhatsApp users for free.

However, WhatsApp costs about 0.15 MB to 0.20 MB of 3G data per minute, which means a call takes about 5 minutes with 1 MB of 3G data. Call quality is good on 3G networks, but on 2G, there is considerable latency. Also, on 2G, a one-minute WhatsApp call costs about 0.35MB, which is much higher than on 3G. And YC WhatsApp is completely free.

YC WhatsApp calling is similar to the regular calling interface in Android smartphones. Call records are automatically saved. The developer is working on an issue with WhatsApp voice calling. After fixing all the issues, they plan to start the video calling update with the latest WhatsApp apk. The launch date for WhatsApp long video calls will also be announced soon.

Android users make sure your version of Android must be valid according to the video calling policy. We will definitely have some android version that supports video calling WhatsApp android.

Download the latest YC WhatsApp feature (latest update for WhatsApp video calling)

As we just discussed about YC WhatsApp video calling, it’s released in Android beta. The latest WhatsApp (20.16.80) with WhatsApp .apk released video call option. And it won’t be public so we can’t get all the full functionality. In this version, just click the call icon cat, then it will give you two options menu, namely “Voice Call” and “Video Call”.

Immediately, we cannot make calls because it has not been activated. But both options are available and facebook works on these options to add more awesome features. Whatsapp video call option is not available in Whatsapp call menu now, but it is available in Whatsapp chat menu because now many it is beta.

Activate YC WhatsApp video call
Get WhatsApp 2.16.80.Apk and check beta version. Hopefully in the days to come, we’ll be sure to fully activate WhatsApp video calling. Up to now we are constantly updating.

Steps to activate WhatsApp video calling (WhatsApp video calling activation):
Any open WhatsApp official website and register as a beta tester for First WhatsApp.
For more steps to allow WhatsApp video calls in Whatsapp, you need to download the latest version of WhatsApp .apk.

First open the official Whatsapp website and register as a beta tester of WhatsApp.
For more steps to enable video calling on WhatsApp app, you have to download the latest WhatsApp Apk version for free from the official website.

Download the latest WhatsApp APK from 1wk.net.

After downloading, ask a friend to video call you (but make sure your friend must already have this video calling feature on WhatsApp Messenger) to activate the video calling feature on your device.

Note: Continue to the link above for the latest apk file on the WhatsApp website. Of course, developers will soon provide whatsapp video calling apk for WhatsApp application.

You can follow this WhatsApp video calling feature procedure to get WhatsApp calling feature for your WhatsApp.

The first is to get the latest version of WhatsApp. If you already have WhatsApp installed, please upgrade to the latest version.

This feature requires inviting any of your friends who have this feature on their WhatsApp to call you.
Restart your Android phone, you must also enable WhatsApp video calling.

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