Yo WhatsApp is the most popular chat app among teens and millennials in the US and Canada. However, in 2016, the CEO of Yo WhatsApp reported that the messenger was no longer growing and that usage among teens was declining. Additionally, the messenger has been involved in numerous child exploitation activities and has been criticized as unsafe and dangerous for teens due to its anonymity features and lack of parental control mechanisms. On top of that, the app is sometimes slow and buggy.

Some issues reported by Yo WhatsApp users:

Unable to connect/”connection error” for several days
Not getting notifications
4G and 2G can’t connect
Unable to deliver messages even if you know the person is online
In most cases, the delivery and receipt of messages takes a long time. Screen goes black when replying to a message
Messages lag after updating the app.
Notifications are received, but when clicking on the conversation, nothing loads and the screen goes black.
Can’t add people because it freezes in Search and gets stuck on loading symbols.
Messages sent within hours all arrive at the same time.
Username, status and profile picture cannot be changed.
Can’t connect when texting group members

Are you tired of all the connection issues and super annoying bugs and glitches with Yo WhatsApp? If there is, meet the ultimate solution to all your messaging problems. Character is a messaging app that allows you to chat freely, securely and with confidence. Here are some features you might be interested in.

Developed to work well on slow Internet or poor network connections
Yo WhatsApp works with any web generation. With Yo WhatsApp Messenger, you don’t have to worry about slow internet and poor internet connection anymore because Yo WhatsApp will deliver all your messages and connect you instantly when connected to poor WiFi. Also, if you’re in a place where many people are connected to the same WiFi router, Pinngle also works smoothly when the WiFi hotspot is overloaded.

Work in a country that censors voice and video calls

Voice and video calling services are banned in many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. However, Yo WhatsApp has anti-blocking technology that allows people to make voice and video calls without changing their IP or VPN. So you can make free and easy voice and video calls while using Yo WhatsApp.

FUN FEATURES – Broadcast and discover content on Ngaji Wu Yo WhatsApp public channel
Yo WhatsApp creates public channels for influencers to share their authentic content with the rapidly growing Yo WhatsApp audience. You can find channels related to photography, design, quotes, lifestyle, and more… all on the Pingle Public Channel as well. Furthermore, as a Yo WhatsApp user, you not only have the opportunity to discover engaging content, but also have the opportunity to make voice calls and send private text messages with your favorite influencers.

Will not sell your data to third parties

As our lives become more and more digital, more and more personal data is sold. Unlike popular messaging apps, Yo WhatsApp does not sell your data to government agencies or third parties. Why? Because all your messages are end-to-end encrypted and your data is never stored on our servers.

Low-rate international calls
In addition to offering free online calls to Yo WhatsApp users, the app also allows you to make international calls at a lower cost than other messaging apps. Also, you can buy a virtual number as a backup number and also avoid roaming charges when you travel.

Yo WhatsApp now has over 3 million active users. Join our family and make safe and secure international voice and video calls.

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