YOwhatsapp allows you to enhance foreign trade enquiries

When it comes to YOwhatsapp, I believe that many foreign trade people are not unfamiliar.

Those who are engaged in the foreign trade industry often communicate with overseas customers and develop new overseas customers through YOwhatsapp promotion.


Promoted as the top 3 of the world’s most popular social media and the top 1 of instant chat tools in 2022.

With 2 billion daily activities, 65 billion messages, more than 2 billion minutes of voice and video calls, and the astonishing statistics of the number one chat software download, it is called a genuine “world-class” social software by the foreign trade industry.

YOwhatsapp as an instant messenger. Compared with the traditional business model of email communication, it has an inherent efficiency advantage, which is promoted by YOwhatsapp.

From one-to-one to many-to-many, from text to video, voice and other forms to quickly deliver information to users, with higher efficiency, timely feedback, and faster response.

Effective use of YOwhatsapp can not only establish contact with potential customers, make communication more simple and efficient, but also establish friendship and cooperation with foreign trade customers.

As the most popular social software in foreign countries, YOwhatsapp has naturally become an important and necessary channel for overseas development of customers. So how to easily achieve one-stop customer acquisition marketing YOwhatsapp promotion through YOwhatsapp?

In order to provide an efficient and accurate customer acquisition channel for the foreign trade industry, and achieve global precise fission-type customer acquisition. YOwhatsapp promotion only needs three steps to accurately reach accurate customers and receive inquiries online.

Social media data collection and customer acquisition

It can collect more than 10 mainstream social media overseas such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc., and reach more than 3 billion user data to achieve fast and efficient customer acquisition and YOwhatsapp promotion.

Google Maps Search

Use Google Maps to accurately acquire customers in foreign trade, better lock the sales area, and refine the target market.

YOwhatsapp group fission to get customers

YOwhatsapp group search, just enter keywords, select social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., YOwhatsapp promotion can get YOwhatsapp groups with high matching degree with one click.

YOwhatsapp marketing online inquiries, YOwhatsapp promotion

Using the world’s most widely used instant messaging tool YOwhatsapp as a marketing method, it can easily reach overseas user data, communicate online and receive inquiries online.

The promotion of YOwhatsapp helps foreign trade companies to quickly find overseas YOwhatsapp customers without making a phone call or investing a penny in advertising, achieving precise collection, fission and mass distribution, and achieving high traffic at low cost.

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