Yo WhatsApp APK is one of the largest modified versions of the original WhatsApp in all WhatsApp mods, because it will not be banned like others, and you can consider using it for permanent use. Users tend to download yo WhatsApp mods because they can improve privacy control and they can customize the application as needed.

It has more than 1billion user audiences worldwide, but many people are still not completely satisfied with the functions of the original WhatsApp. Various alternative WhatsApp mods developed by third parties, such as yowhatsapp, WhatsApp plus, GB WhatsApp, provide users with the functions of official WhatsApp and some new powerful functions (improved privacy, customization, theme), so as to enhance the user experience.

Yowhatsapp APK specification

Android CapabilityAbove 4.0
Number of Downloads1 Million
PurposeProviding more features than WhatsApp
App Size49.8 MB
Version49.8 MB
Download:YO whatsapp download 2022

Yo WhatsApp downloads the updated version of APK, which can be found in the following link of apkpure.

If you want to know the cool features of Yo WhatsApp, please read this article until the end; It will guide you to thoroughly understand each step related to installation, system requirements, functions, etc.

Background of Yo WhatsApp

Yousef al Basha developed yowhatsapp. He is a qualified application editor and module enthusiast. Using his capabilities, he added some unique and advanced features to this application, making it stand out from other WhatsApp mods.

Yowhatsapp adds functions such as personalized dialog, changing font size, theme and unique background of each friend. In addition, yowhatsapp also adds more interesting emoticons, sending multiple pictures (700 consecutive pictures), sending full-size photos and videos, and the most critical functions of hiding contact records.

Yowhatsapp APK’s super exciting features

If you find the original version of WhatsApp sometimes boring and want some customization and advanced privacy options, yowhatsapp can help you. It has all the functions you need. Developers of this application always tend to add all the functions available in the original WhatsApp and modify it to make it slightly different. Let’s talk about the functions of this super magical application in detail.

Privacy Control

Privacy is one of the important issues when using social media applications. But Yousef al Basha, the developer of yowhatsapp, has integrated some privacy functions for users, so that no one can invade their online life.

Who can call me, freeze it for the last time, show the blue scale after reply, anti deletion message, anti deletion status, hide view status and other functions are part of Yo WhatsApp.

With all these features, you can avoid people you don’t want to talk to and use the application freely. Is it unsafe?

By using the “call blocking” function, only people you allow will call you. To use this function, you just need to go to the picture of the person you don’t want to answer the phone and turn on the function. When that particular person tries to call you, the phone will automatically hang up, but be careful of emergencies and only use it for super annoying people.

Freezing what you saw last time can protect you from interference, because others will not be able to view what you saw last time.

Another cool feature is “show blue scale after reply”. As the name suggests, the scale will appear only after you reply to the message, which means that you can easily read the message without letting others know and reply at any time.

Its undelete message and status function enables you to read messages and view deleted status. So now you won’t miss viewing the deleted content.

Anonymous messages allow you to send messages to numbers without having to put them in your contact list.

Main screen module

Want to customize more? Check the following features to make more changes to your WhatsApp appearance.

When any of your contacts go online, the contact online notifier will display an alert message to you.

Display your name handle on the app main screen.

Change the font size of the main screen text.

Make your chat screen look different by hiding the chat divider

These are slightly more advanced features than gbwhatsapp and FM WhatsApp.

Application customization

Yo WhatsApp APK has excellent customization functions, which can meet your aesthetic needs. Let’s look at the functions.

Therefore, if you are tired of old and the same theme, this application has a yo theme store to solve your problem. With more than 4000 free themes, you can make your interface appear as you like.

Change the appearance of your home and conversation by controlling your hands. With yowhatsapp, you can change the home page and dialog screen background, the appearance of text and tabs, and so on.

Dialog screen module

As a user of you WhatsApp, you can easily change the dialog screen. Here are the actions you can perform:

Hide date and time when copying SMS.

Set custom wallpaper / background for each contact

Hide contact names and call buttons

Hide the avatar of contacts you don’t want to see

General module

Yo WhatsApp APK has a long list of functions. Some of them are listed below:

More than 10 applied languages, including Hindi, German, Spanish, Turkish, Italian and so on!

Change the application launcher Icon

Enable / disable message counters

Swipe left to close the dialog screen

Disable audio playback notification in the status bar

Dialog card (running on Android 5.0 and later)

Other exciting features of the new version of yowhatsapp

Send large videos up to 700 MB

Preserve image resolution and send images at full resolution

Undisturbed mode

Send more than 10 images at the same time

Built in WhatsApp locker

Maximum 255 status characters

Disable forwarding Tags

Install yo WhatsApp APK on Android Phones

Yowhatsapp APK is not available in the Google play store, but you can download it from any verified third-party website. Read the installation guide below to safely install yowhatsapp on your Android smartphone.

Step 1:

After downloading the application, go to mobile settings, click permissions and enable installation from unknown sources.

Step 2:

Find yowhatsapp APK on your smartphone. To do this, please go to your phone storage and find the download. In the download, you will find your software package.

Click the Install button on the screen and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 3:

Open yo WhatsApp, create your account and enjoy all the functions on your device.

The process of switching from WhatsApp to yo WhatsApp

You can follow the following simple steps to switch from WhatsApp to yowhatsapp.

Download yowhatsapp plus from a validated third-party website. Download the application and install it. Now follow the steps mentioned below.

Download and install dr.fone on your PC and back up all your data from the original WhatsApp.

Connect your smart phone to PC with USB cable. Open dr.fone on your PC and select the backup option.

Check to confirm the backup on PC after completion

Restore your data to yowhatsapp by selecting the recover WhatsApp tab

frequently asked questions

Is yowhatsapp banned?

This is an unofficial version of WhatsApp, developed by independent programmers, so sometimes WhatsApp feels that users do not comply with the regulations and prohibit users from using it, but it is observed that the number of cases is very small.

How to update yowhatsapp 2022?

This is really simple. Go to the chat section of your application, and then click the three points there. You will find yomods, click Find and access the update, and if there is an update available, it will start the update.


Due to its advanced and exciting features, millions of people are using yo WhatsApp. With this application, you can enjoy more aesthetic themes and privacy options. Now, yowhatsapp is constantly modernizing without any mistakes. It is the best modified version of all versions. This application is now free of all types of viruses and malware. It is completely safe and reliable; You can use it without worrying about malware or adware.