YOwhatsapp usage report

I installed YOwhatsapp out of curiosity of engineering women.

While chatting over dinner, I also told my colleagues to install YOwhatsapp by myself. At that time, the male colleagues were indifferent and continued to eat, and a female colleague suddenly widened her eyes and asked me why.

I answered calmly at the time, because I have not installed it, so I will study it.

At the time, I really didn’t know it was a dating artifact.

After all, in the era of social domination such as WeChat and Weibo, YOwhatsapp seems to be in my life circle, few people talk about it, but it can always exist strangely, which has aroused my curiosity.

I thought that YOwhatsapp is the same social software as WeChat, but more for strangers.

His interface, user interaction, and his existing business model must be unique.

(1) A brief history of YOwhatsapp

YOwhatsapp is an open mobile video social application based on geographic location, launched in August 2011.

In August 2011, the iOS version of YOwhatsapp was officially launched

In September 2011, the iOS version of YOwhatsapp reached 100,000 users in one month.

The first anniversary of YOwhatsapp’s launch, the number of users exceeded 10 million, with more than 2.2 million daily active users, nearly 5 million weekly active users, and more than 40 million messages sent every day.

In December 2012, Apple announced the AppStore’s 2012 selection list, and YOwhatsapp became one of the TOP20 selected applications.

In April 2013, in the 2012-2013 China Mobile Internet Application Selection held by iResearch, YOwhatsapp won the China Mobile Internet Application Annual Most Innovative Award.

In December 2014, YOwhatsapp Technology was listed on Nasdaq.

In January 2015, it won the “Most Breakthrough Dating APP” award.

In March 2017, YOwhatsapp released its 2016 Q4 financial report, with a net profit of US$91.5 million, a year-on-year increase of 674%.

On June 5, 2018, the market value of YOwhatsapp exceeded 10 billion US dollars.

In just 7 years, YOwhatsapp has a market value of tens of billions, which shows its strong viability.

(2) Product Features

Precise positioning:

Compared with WeChat, the deepest feeling of YOwhatsapp is the precise positioning function.

The search for nearby people provided by WeChat only gives an approximate range (the new version is currently closed). The data given by YOwhatsapp is accurate to meters, which to a certain extent enhances the sense of trust between strangers.

The distance is not just the positioning across the network, but a number that can be measured to the nearest meter. That is, this distance will make people think about it. If you are near, you can’t wait to get it right away, and if you are far away, you can’t wait to abandon it.

User show:

YOwhatsapp’s profile display page, you can store eight photos, as well as choose signatures, occupations, hobbies, etc., to enhance others’ understanding of you.

Even your footprints, wherever you’ve been. YOwhatsapp can also be bound with social tools such as Weibo, and then learn about his life through his bound social tools, which is a good display for strangers to make friends.

Social Mode:

First, search and locate strangers and groups around you according to GPS, establish contacts efficiently and quickly, and save the distance cost of communication.

Second, YOwhatsapp is a two-way attention experience. For strangers, the one-way addition of friends on WeChat may be rejected, but the one-way attention of YOwhatsapp will generally not be actively blocked by the other party. For the user level, this will reduce user frustration and improve user experience, especially for male users.

(3) User experience

First of all, it seems that it has been established that people who play YOwhatsapp are not serious people, they are all for dating.

Its positioning function provides a prerequisite for the selection of objects at close range. I signed up for YOwhatsapp for more than a month, and every day my male compatriots liked and pushed me, but none of my female compatriots took the initiative to follow me.

Secondly, people who are purely complaining.

Of course, not everyone who plays YOwhatsapp wants to make an appointment, maybe it’s just that the person who talks can’t be found in reality. After all, WeChat is full of family, friends, leaders, and colleagues, and happy things can be written on WeChat.

In YOwhatsapp, there are only strangers and yourself, so you can vent your emotions freely. You don’t need to take care of other people’s emotions, happy is happy, unhappy is unhappy, they are all strangers, don’t worry about who will be affected

In the end, it’s the swindlers.

This kind of person’s avatar is usually a photo of a handsome guy and a warm man and a luxury car. Once someone pays attention, he will add the other party’s Wechat, and after asking for warmth, he will tell you how to make money in what way. If you have a heart, it is easy to see through.

The above is just out of curiosity, and I casually explored the surface functions of YOwhatsapp when I was bored.

As for whether YOwhatsapp is a dating artifact, it depends on the person who uses it.

Whether or not to make an appointment is determined by personal factors, and there is no special necessary connection with the software. Even without this software, people who really want to date will look for other ways.


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