A lightweight WA MOD no more than 30MB, download the latest version of ZE WhatsApp APK. Daily updates to ensure user safety. With the development of the times, the requirements for technical requirements are also getting higher and higher. One of the focuses of technological development is communication. Applications for communication needs seem to be getting wider and wider.

Not having time to meet due to limited space and time makes everyone rely on apps to communicate with people. One of the popular communication based applications among the general public is the Whatsapp application.

ZE WhatsApp APK 2022 latest version download

The more WhatsApp users there are, the more people will feel the strengths and weaknesses of the app. Some shortcomings sparked the desire to make modifications to the associated application.

Application modification can only be done by certain developers or developers.

A developer who then adds some functionality to the app. Features crafted based on the user’s multiple preferences enable the modified application to meet the user’s needs and wants.

One of them is a privacy-related feature, which is most often complained about as a drawback.

Regarding this privacy, developers offer many ways to provide comfort in running applications. This is available in a modified app called ZE WhatsApp APK.

Some of the features provided by ZE WhatsApp APK make some users interested in using this application.

ZE WhatsApp APK is finally one of the revamped apps of choice for users.

What is ZE WhatsApp?

ZE WhatsApp APK is one of the modified apps, a modified form of the official WhatsApp app.

ZE WhatsApp APK isn’t the first modified app, but it won’t be the last either. Before the ZE WhatsApp APK, there were several other modified apps, and after the ZE WhatsApp APK, there were many similar apps scattered in the internet world and often found.

Due to the additional features it offers, downloading ZE WhatsApp APK is a solution for users who want additional features to suit their wishes and even needs.

ZE WhatsApp Features
ZE WhatsApp APK offers a selection of features that you can enjoy. Download ZE WhatsApp APK to enjoy all these features.

ZE WhatsApp APK 2022 latest version download

Following are the features included in ZE WhatsApp APK, namely:

Hide latest connection time
This additional feature of ZE WhatsApp APK can be hidden if in official WhatsApp people who are usually in your phone contacts can see when you last connected to WhatsApp. So it doesn’t know if you have the latest WhatsApp open.
automatic response
This feature is one of the advanced features that users can set up for auto-reply messages. You don’t have to be online all the time to send an auto-reply message.
message scheduling
In addition to adding auto-responders, you can also schedule scheduled messages. This feature is useful for users who are busy and afraid of forgetting to send important messages to other users.
Optional check bar display and chat bubbles
If the ticking is too monotonous and you get bored, then downloading ZE WhatsApp APK is the solution. The form of chat bubbles or message bubbles can also be arranged as desired.
Hide name and date when copying messages
If you’ve been duplicating a message once and the name and date are listed, you can hide the name and date by using this feature. Therefore, a copied message does not have a name and date.
Text Status Write Limit
This feature was added specifically for users who really like telling stories through status, as the character limit is 250 characters.
send more pictures
You can send more images, i.e. 90 images in one article. With this feature, there is no need to send another image back and forth.
Change the theme to taste
When you download ZE WhatsApp APK, you also get the theme changing feature, so you don’t have to worry about the boredom that comes with using the monotonous theme, that’s all.
Turn off internet connection only in ZE WhatsApp APK
This is the most promising feature in ZE WhatsApp APK, each user can turn off internet connection only on the app, but still be able to surf with internet connection in other apps.

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