As the most popular messaging app today, it’s no wonder that the WhatsApp app has undergone a lot of modification and development. The result of these modifications is often referred to as a WhatsApp Mod.

ZE WhatsApp V20.16.15 Download Official Nov 2022

There are many WhatsApp Mods now, such as GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, until the latest one is ZE WhatsApp.

ZE WA by Atnfas Hoak (Omar Bawazeer) is not very popular compared to other apps. Even so, there are many advantages through interesting features.

ZE WhatsApp main features:

Everyone who uses the revamped app will definitely want something better than the official or regular WhatsApp.

ZE WhatsApp offers many interesting features. However, only some of the main features that are very helpful to use are listed here.

Auto-reply feature
If you have an online store, you will often receive contacts from unknown numbers. Most customers would prefer if messages were answered quickly.

Well, this feature can be used to automatically reply to these messages. So when your schedule is busy, messages from regulars will be answered quickly.

message scheduling
Apart from auto-replying messages, this app has another interesting feature which is message scheduling. Just take advantage of this feature when you want to send a message but the time is not right.

Scheduling messages keeps the app users from forgetting to send these important messages.

Send 90 images at once
One of the downsides of regular WhatsApp is that it cannot be used to exchange media freely. It even keeps its original size.

When sending large image files, the files will be compressed to make them smaller. Using ZE WA helps you send up to 90 files without any compressed image files.

Many theme options
Ordinary WhatsApp looks drab. You can only change the theme with two modes, day and night.

There’s nothing special about these two modes, as they just differentiate between dark and light.

Using the ZE WA app can change the theme as there are many options available.

So users don’t get bored because the theme is considered too monotonous.

Display customization
In addition to changing the theme, you can also customize the appearance. This feature allows you to change fonts, add titles, change bubble styles, tick styles, and more.

There are many styles to match the taste of course. With this feature, using WA is definitely more fun and not boring.

download status
Want to save your friends’ funny status? ZE WhatsApp can help you do just that. The status download function can be performed on the status in the form of images or videos.

So no need to bother taking screenshots or downloading other third-party apps.

View status without saving number
Some people are sometimes too lazy to save someone’s number for some reason. Even if they don’t save their number, with this feature you can still see their status. Interesting, right?

Maybe you have used the WhatsApp app or done your homework in English to contact foreigners?

If yes then this app will be very helpful. The built-in translation function eliminates the need for users to enter and exit the app in order to translate chats.

Do Not Disturb Mode
This Do Not Disturb feature can be used for people who do not want to be disturbed by others in certain situations. I want to turn off my phone, but I still need it. So it’s all wrong.

Well, using the “Do Not Disturb” feature, or DND as it’s commonly called, is for that. You can manage calls or messages as needed.

Is ZE WhatsApp safe?

There is no guarantee that the ZE WA app is 100% secure, this also applies to other modified apps.

This application is not affected by viruses or malware, but is prone to code injection that can compromise the system to steal data.

Therefore, it is safer to use the second number when registering or logging into ZE WA. Also, please do not enter too much personal information in this app to avoid data theft.

How to download ZE WhatsApp?

Apps obtained outside of Google Play are downloaded and installed slightly differently.

If you’ve never installed an app outside of the Google Playstore, you can follow these steps:

Download the app
First download the latest ZE WhatsApp app via the link provided. Make sure that the smartphone you own meets the minimum specifications required.

Backup on regular WhatsApp account
A backup or backup is required before installing the app. Because your data can easily get deleted if you don’t back it up first.

Also, if you don’t want to use the dual WhatsApp feature, delete the official WhatsApp app on your phone.

Go to the phone’s settings menu
Applications other than Google Play cannot be installed directly. You need to change the permission rules first. You can do this by going to the settings menu -> select security -> enable unknown sources setting.

Install the app
Install the downloaded ZE WA app directly as usual

enter the application
Once done, go to the app. If you want to change your account, you must register first. If you use an old account, you can log in directly with the desired number.

Waiting for OTP code
After that, you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) code. Enter the code and the installation process is complete.

Furthermore, it is easy to use the various functions listed above.

The modified app is actually an app officially banned by WhatsApp. Therefore, there is a risk of being banned when using ZE WA.

This happens not only with the ZE WA app but also with other WhatsApp Mod apps.

To minimize or prevent bans, update to the latest version.

Atnfas Hoak as a developer usually updates to avoid getting banned and adds features to make it more interesting.

This is information about ZE WhatsApp from Atnfas Hoak. This app is great fun for those who are tired of regular WhatsApp.

Don’t forget to always be careful when using modified apps. Good luck

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